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About Us

To reduce the care gap between health and health care providers was envisioned by Eng. Muhammad Siddique who later on laid the foundation of Marshall Corporation. We are leading the business with world-class customizable stainless steel surgical instruments. And compassionate to provide health care facilities with our wide range of products. Adapting to rapidly changing advancements enables us to provide the best health care instrumentation globally. With the team of professional Engineers, Doctors and Workers we craft fine theater-quality instruments, the surgeons can trust. 

To ensure customer satisfaction we follow the policy that demands a clean and safe working environment, deliverance of accurate and complete information with the ambition of innovative growth. All instruments manufactured at Marshall Corp. follow International Standards endorsing commitment on quality and improvement. A 3-Step in-house quality check system aids in the deliverance of superior and first-rate products.

The manufacturing of our massive portfolio is categorized under the following departments:

General Surgery Instruments

Dental Instruments 

Beauty-Care Instruments

Tungsten Carbide Instruments

HF Instruments

OEM and ODM facilities

Surgical Instrument Sets

We provide all our customers with exceptional services and treat them like family to invigorate a long-term trust-based relationship. Marshall Corp. is a self-sufficient company with an in-house testing facility, forging facility, polishing, and packing facility. 

We are manufacturers and wholesale distributors of medical and all theater-related utensils, worldwide.